Garage Door Service and Repairs

Keeping a garage door working its best is important to your security and to the safety of your family. Most garage doors and openers don’t require much ongoing maintenance. However, it’s critical that this work is done regularly, by a skilled technician who knows what to look for and how to correct a problem when it’s identified.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, TF Draper offers garage door maintenance and repairs for homeowners in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Call our office today to book an appointment at your convenience.

Garage Door Installations

TF Draper is proud to be the Pacific Northwest’s garage door installation expert. We offer fast, professional service in Portland and Lake Oswego, OR, and beyond. We’re able to install everything we sell, from our custom wood doors to steel overhead residential and commercial products. As an Authorized Clopay® dealer, our work is backed by a one-year workmanship guarantee. Additional coverage is available for other manufacturers we work with as well, so contact our office for details.
Most residential installations can be completed in a single day. Our team will arrive on-time and get the job done quickly, leaving your property in the same spotless condition it was in before we arrived.

We Service All Makes and Models

We are fully qualified to provide warranty repairs and other service for all manufacturers we sell, including:

  • Clopay®
  • LiftMaster® openers
  • Northwest Door
  • Amarr
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Jeld-Wen

And more. Whether or not we supplied your door initially, the TF Draper team can help you with all of your garage door maintenance needs.

Our technicians receive extensive ongoing training to ensure they’re up-to-date on the latest technologies and other changes to our industry. We can quickly diagnose problems in both residential and commercial systems, and suggest a course of repairs that corrects the issue and ensures it doesn’t come back.

Emergency Repairs

An issue with your garage door or opener puts both your property and your family at risk. When your garage door isn’t working the way it should, it presents a very real possibility of injury, and leaves vulnerable a critical point of entry to your home. You might not think of a garage door problem as something that needs to be fixed right away, but the fact is that every day you put off repairs, the likelihood of an incident increases.

TF Draper is available around the clock to respond to garage door problems as soon as they happen. Whether it’s an equipment failure issue or damage caused by an accident, we’ll work to fix the problem as soon as possible — in many cases, that same day. Give us a call anytime, day or night, for assistance from one of our team members.

Preventative Maintenance

Of course, avoiding a problem is always preferable to performing emergency garage door service. Preventative maintenance is the best way to do just that. Depending on the nature of your property, preventative maintenance for your garage door may include:

  • Performing a comprehensive visual inspection for signs of damage to springs, pulleys, cables, rollers, mounting hardware and other components. Potential damage to these and other components can include rust, dents and warping, as well as general wear and tear.
  • Performing a balance test to ensure your door goes up and down smoothly. A garage door should be regularly disconnected from the opener and lifted manually. If it’s difficult to move on its own, gets stuck or comes down unevenly, there’s likely a problem with the springs that must be adjusted by a professional.
  • Checking the automatic reversal system. All door openers made after 1993 are required to have an automatic reversal system triggered by either a photo eye or edge sensor. To test this, place a piece of wood in the door’s path and close it. If it doesn’t automatically reverse upon contact, this important safety feature is in need of repair.
  • Replacing the rollers and weatherstripping. A garage door’s rollers and weatherstripping can wear out over time. If they are cracked, worn or brittle, they must be replaced.
  • Lubricating moving parts. Periodic lubrication of the rollers, springs, screws and chain can significantly extend the life of your garage door opener and other components.

Obviously, some of the above can be done by yourself, while others require professional assistance. On commercial properties especially, having an experienced, knowledgeable partner is essential. TF Draper can put together a maintenance schedule that ensures your garage door continues to deliver the performance you expect of it for years to come.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

High-traffic facilities such as warehouses, shipping centers and other commercial buildings will have increased maintenance needs, as well as potential regulatory requirements related to occupational health and safety management. TF Draper will work with you to ensure these and all other garage door maintenance requirements are met. We can perform regular service ourselves, or provide your team with the appropriate training necessary to complete routine inspections and other minor maintenance items.

When we’re working on your garage, our technicians will make every effort to minimize the disruption to your staff and their workflow. As a small business ourselves, we understand that productivity can’t stop when repairs or system improvements are taking place. We will make sure the job gets done quickly so you can get back to normal in less time.

Contact Portland, Oregon’s Garage Door Maintenance Experts Today

Garage door maintenance remains a core component of our business, and we’ve invested heavily in the people and the tools to get any job done right the first time. From residential garage door installations to commercial service, our team will go the extra mile to ensure your door offers the best fit, finish and functionality possible.

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