Garage Door Repair

Even the best garage door will require periodic maintenance and repairs to stay working its best. When wear and tear caused by our region’s extreme weather takes its toll, or an accident damages your door or opener, TF Draper can help. We are a leading garage door repair company for Portland, OR homes and businesses, as well as other residential and commercial properties throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Garage door repair service

Garage Door Repair Services

Some of the services our garage door repair specialists can provide for homes and businesses in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas include:

  • Accident repairs:Garage door maintenance and repair
  • Equipment failure diagnoses and repairs:
  • Routine inspections:
  • Preventative maintenance:

Call today for help with any of the above issues.

Garage Door Warning Signs

In an ideal world, your garage door is something that will provide trouble-free performance at all times. While most systems we install deliver on this promise, it’s still useful to know some of the common warning signs that indicate a problem. Call our office to schedule service if you begin to notice:

  • Persistent squeaking or scraping noises
  • Lack of response or slower than usual performance
  • Faster-than-usual closing
  • Incomplete shutting

Your best bet if you notice any of the above is to contact TF Draper as soon as possible. Often, early intervention can prevent a minor issue from becoming a larger and more expensive problem.

garage door emergency repair

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

There’s a number of reasons why it may be important to have a garage door issue looked at right away. If your safety or security is at risk, getting help quickly is essential. That’s why TF Draper offers 24-hour emergency repairs to all of our valued customers.

If an issue is urgent, we can send someone out to look at it and correct the problem, usually within the same day. If full repairs aren’t possible in the moment, we will try to provide a temporary fix until work can be scheduled.

Contact TF Draper for Garage Door Repairs in Portland and Beyond

Whether or not we installed it initially, TF Draper is available to provide garage door repairs in Vancouver, WA, West Linn and Oswego, OR, and elsewhere in the greater Portland region. Call our office for assistance today.