How to Add Value to Your Home

When you tackle both large and small home improvement projects around your house, you can improve the value and increase the sale price for your home (even if you don’t intend on selling in the near future), show neighbors and potential buyers the home is cared for, achieve better functionality and have improved comfort and convenience you can enjoy daily.

If you’re looking to increase property value for your Portland home, consider these five upgrades that add significant value:

  • Updated Kitchens and Bathrooms: Modern appliances and fixtures, clean finishes and functional layouts
  • New Flooring: Add either engineered or real-wood flooring throughout
  • Better Insulation: Particularly in attics to improve energy efficiency
  • Exterior Makeovers: Clean, well-designed landscaping installations, new siding or modern front doors are all profitable projects
  • Garage Door Replacement: Replace your standard metal sectional door with a functional and attractive modern option

How Much Value Does a New Garage Door Add?

Attached garage doors can occupy up to 40 percent of your home’s exterior, and the style and materials of your garage can either detract from the exterior quality of your home or enhance and modernize your home’s architecture. With the variety of materials and designs available today — from contemporary to classic — you can find a new door that is welcoming, improves functionality and stands out amongst other homes in your neighborhood.

Average garage door replacements range in costs from $500 to $800, but can exceed $2,000 depending on the size, materials and designs you choose — although door updates should equal about one percent of your home’s overall value. While for some this price may seem a bit steep, garage door updates have one of the highest returns on investment for any home improvement upgrade — fetching an average of 85 percent or more.

How Garage Doors Add Value to Your Home

A garage door replacement seems like a simple update, so why can door upgrades add such a significant return on investment? Garage doors add the following benefits which increase your home’s value:

  • Striking Curb Appeal: Choosing a warm wood door that enhances the appearance of your craftsman or classic home, or a bold metal and glass door with enticing colors for contemporary homes, can make an inviting, welcoming statement that enhances your home’s existing architectural style.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Many garage doors crafted using superior materials or added insulation upgrades can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower overall annual heating and cooling costs. When shopping for a new door, look for options with an R-value of at least an 11 for the best efficiency outcomes.
  • Better Security and Safety: Garage doors and openers manufactured today feature the latest improvements to improve safety and security efforts. Better photo-eye sensors, rolling door codes and other advanced capabilities improve safe functionality and prevent intruders from accessing your home through the garage.

Add Home Value With The TF Draper Company

If you’re a homeowner located in the Greater Portland area and you’re looking for high-quality, attractive and durable garage door replacements to add value to your home, look no further than the selection and expertise offered at The TF Draper Company. Our team has nearly 40 years of local experience working with homeowners throughout Oregon and parts of Washington, and we offer the widest selection of high-quality, beautiful Clopay® garage doors available in modern and traditional styles to improve the look and functionality of your home.

Peruse our large selection of customizable doors today or call us at 503-357-1103 to learn more. To request a free project estimate, complete our online contact form.

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