Thermiser™ Insulated Doors

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  • Industry
  • Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Education
  • Hospitality/Public Space
  • Q/S Program – Cornell can manufacture and ship most standard Thermiser™ doors in one to two weeks.
  • 15/16” thick insulated slat.
  • Powder coated guides are standard.
  • Insulated extruded aluminum bottom bar.
  • Perimeter weather stripping is standard.
  • Size Flexibility – each unit is built in an overhead coil that is totally supported by the side guides.
  • Durability – commercial duty design.
  • Maintenance – little to none.
  • Repairs – job records are retained and parts are readily available.
  • Vision windows
  • Cylinder or slide bolt locking
  • Bottom bar sensing edge for motorized units
  • Windloads exceeding standard 20 psf
  • Operator covers

Counter-balance Shaft

4-1/2” minimum diameter outer shaft and 1-1/4” minimum inner shaft. This assembly supports the curtain and contains counter-balance torsion springs for assisting operation. Standard Material: Steel


Protective sheet metal enclosure for the curtain that provides weather resistance at the head of the door and keeps the brackets rigid. Standard Material & Finish: G90 galvanized steel with baked-on light gray polyester enamel. Optional Materials: Aluminum, stainless


Minimum 3/16” angle assemblies bolt to the wall and support the entire weight of the door. Standard Material & Finish: steel with SpectraShield® powder coating 30-7192 gray. Optional Materials: Stainless or aluminum angles


Double skin interlocking roll formed slats are filled with 7/8” thick closed cell pressure foamed in place urethane insulation. Endlocks are riveted to ends of alternate slats to maintain slat alignment and prevent wear. Designed to withstand a minimum 20 psf windload. U factor is 0.158, R value is 6.33, both calculated according ro ASHRAE formula. Exterior skin available in: 24, 22, 20 and 18 gauge galvanized steel gray enamel; 24 gauge stainless steel, #4 finish; 18 gauge aluminum in mill, clear or color anodized. Interior skin available in: 24 gauge galvanized steel gray enamel, 22 gauge available with 22 or 24 gauge exterior skin; 24 gauge stainless steel, #4 finish; 18 gauge aluminum in mill, clear or color anodized. Nylon endlocks eliminate metal to metal contact between curtain edge and guides and provide smooth quiet operation. Standard Material & Finish: G90 galvanized steel with baked-on light gray polyester enamel Optional Materials: Aluminum, stainless


Hand chain, hand crank and motors are available. Doors operate by rotating shaft gear end. The opposite end of shaft applies spring tension and is equipped with a spring adjusting wheel.

Bottom Bar

Extruded aluminum bottom bar profile mates with curtain face slat extending insulation to the floor. Equipped with weather seal. Lock mechanisms available. Standard Material & Finish: Mill finish extruded aluminum. Optional Materials: Steel or stainless steel angles

Mounting & Clearances

Face of Wall

Maintains clearance of full opening, minimal exposed components.

Between Jambs

Mounts within the openings, fascia (front hood closure piece) required.

Sound Transmission Control

A Thermiser can cut transmission of sound by 26% vs. non-insulated rolling doors. Hospitals, schools and universities are just some examples of applications where Thermisers are used for decreasing sound transmission. The STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating for Thermisers is 24.

  • G90 galvanized steel with baked-on tan polyester enamel
  • Aluminum in mill finish, clear or color anodized
  • Stainless steel, 300 series #4 finish
  • Hot-dip galvanizing on steel components
  • Powder coat finish in selected color
  • Zinc Rich Gray corrosion resistant powder coating
  • High Cycle Construction – for doors expected to operate more than 20 cycles per day such as parking garage doors, sally ports and certain industrial applications.
  • Combination Doors – combines two different curtains on the same opening. Typically a Thermiser insulated door is used in conjunction with either a ScreenGard™ door or an open design rolling grille.
  • Sloping or Irregular Sills – special bottom bar designs meet old floor conditions including slopes, curbs or rails.
  • Pass Doors – a hollow metal man door and hinged frame within a Themiser rolling door curtain.
  • Removable Guide Mullions – used for extra wide openings that require full access on a limited basis.

SpectraShield® Powder Coat Finish

Cornell’s SpectraShield® Powder Coat Finish adds durability and aesthetic value to our products in a choice of over 200 colors. Surface preparation and the coating process produces a smooth, long lasting finish at controlled costs.