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Modern glass and aluminum garage doors.

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The Perfect Choice to modernize any home

Modernize your home with our popular line-up of aluminum and glass garage doors. The durable aluminum frame is available in a number of colors, including clear, black and bronze anodized, to complement your home style. Multiple glass options allow you to bring as much or as little natural light in as well as control the level of privacy.

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Clopay® Avante® garage doors are constructed with aluminum and glass panels, lending a clean and modern aesthetic to any home or building. Avante® doors come with a five-year warranty on the finish and a three-year warranty on hardware. The collection offers two models, the Avante AV and the Avante AX. Both models are characterized by the following features:

  • Durable, low-maintenance 2-1/8" commercial grade aluminum frame with many glazing options.
  • Frame and solid aluminum panels available in choice of anodized and powder-coated finishes.
  • Tempered full-view glass, acrylic or solid aluminum panel options. Insulated glass garage door panels are available for increased energy efficiency.
  • Choose from our selection of aluminum garage door panel colors: White, Bronze, Brown, Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized.
  • ColorBlast custom colors available.
  • Color-matched aluminum grip handle.
  • WINDCODE® door product available. (Click for details)

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5 year limited finish warranty3 year limited hardware warranty

Lift Master Elite SeriesLIFTMASTER® ELITE SERIES™ 
Clopay Recommends LiftMaster® Elite Series® openers for these garage doors. These openers have a range of features that truly make lives easier.

Environmental Assurance

Clopay doors are compliant with environmental laws and regulations. Clopay doors do not contain HFCs. All Clopay doors are compliant with:

  • California SB 1013
  • Washington HB 1112 – Hydrofluorocarbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Canadian regulations amending the ozone-depleting substances and halocarbon alternatives regulations
  • New Jersey A-5583/S-3919 – Greenhouse Gas Bill

Updated April 30, 2020

Door Designs

clear glass garage doors CLEAR GLASS
gray tinted glass garage doors GRAY TINTED GLASS
bronze tinted glass garage doors BRONZE TINTED GLASS
mirrored glass garage doors MIRRORED GLASS
obscure glass garage doors OBSCURE GLASS
white laminate glass garage doors WHITE LAMINATE GLASS
frosted (satin etched) glass or frosted acrylic garage doors FROSTED (SATIN ETCHED) GLASS OR FROSTED ACRYLIC
clear acrylic garage doors CLEAR ACRYLIC
gray acrylic garage doors GRAY ACRYLIC
white acrylic garage doors WHITE ACRYLIC
clear polygal garage doors CLEAR POLYGAL
bronze polygal garage doors BRONZE POLYGAL
clear anodized (aluminum panel) garage doors CLEAR ANODIZED (ALUMINUM PANEL)
*Frosted is used in the AV/AVI models while Satin etched is used in the AX model. Both are very similar in appearance.
For more information regarding construction options per panel style, click here


clear aluminum (anodized) garage doors CLEAR ALUMINUM (ANODIZED)
standard white garage doors STANDARD WHITE
bronze (painted) garage doors BRONZE (PAINTED)
chocolate (painted) garage doors CHOCOLATE (PAINTED)
bronze (anodized) garage doors BRONZE (ANODIZED)
black (anodized) garage doors BLACK (ANODIZED)
dark bronze (anodized) garage doors DARK BRONZE (ANODIZED)
Due to the anodizing process, color variation may occur. The use of “Bronze (Painted)” is recommended for a more consistent bronze finish color. Custom colors available.

Hardware Designs


optional aluminum grip handle garage doors Optional Aluminum Grip Handle

Clopay® Avante® garage doors are manufactured in the United States by expert craftspeople. These glass and aluminum doors can be built with tempered glass (optional insulated glass), acrylic, polygal or solid aluminum frame panels. The replaceable vinyl bottom weather seal in a rust-free aluminum retainer protects your garage (or any other room where your door is installed) from the outside elements.


Made of 2-1/8” durable commercial grade aluminum, making it virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting.
Integral section joint seal for further reduction of air and water infiltration.
Smooth flat frame edge design for a more contemporary look.
Reinforcing fin included on doors wider than 14’. Standard doors 12’ and under do not use built-in reinforcing fin. Usage on widths 12’2” to 14’ depend upon glass weight. WINDCODE® doors may vary.


Made of 2-1/8” durable commercial grade aluminum, making it virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting.
Tongue and groove section.
Slanted beveled frame edge design for a classic look.
Reinforcing fin included on all doors.