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Your choice of a garage door for your home can be motivated by a number of factors — design, aesthetics and budget will all play a role. Too often, however, it’s easy to overlook the practical considerations. Your garage door needs to work reliably with a minimal amount of maintenance and a low cost of ownership. While your choice of a door will go a long way toward determining this, it must also be paired with an appropriate opener.

TF Draper can help. We are proud to offer complete turnkey garage door solutions for both residential and commercial customers. We will ensure that, when you purchase a garage door from us, you have an appropriate opener that can be counted on for dutiful service, day in and day out.

Garage door opener installations

Choosing a Garage Door Opener

There are a number of relevant considerations to bear in mind when choosing a garage door opener. Some things to think about include:
  • Opener type: There are three main types of garage door opener. Chain drive systems are the most economical and generally offer low maintenance, low hassle operation. Belt drive systems are quieter and feature vibration-free performance, but they may be more expensive. Screw drive openers offer a solid compromise between the two, as they are generally quiet and low maintenance, but they are often priced below belt drive models.
  • Motor size: Residential garage door openers range in size from ½ horsepower to 1½ horsepower and larger. Obviously, a heavier garage door — such as our custom wood products — will require a more powerful motor. For lighter doors, such as our Clopay® steel products, a smaller motor may suffice, though it is likely to be slower and more prone to repairs over time.
  • Safety: A residential garage door opener controls a critical entry point to your home, one which young children have a habit of playing around. You want an opener that will provide safety and security at all times. All openers manufactured since 1993 contain built-in sensors to prevent injuries. Beyond that, optional upgrades such as automatic reverse and rolling code security technology can provide additional peace of mind and protection that are worth the upgrade.
  • Door size: Most openers are configured to work with a standard 7-foot tall door. However, extension kits are available for select models.
  • Features: Today’s garage door openers are more sophisticated than ever before. As with most other home appliances, “smart” models are now available that offer Wi-Fi connectivity, among other advanced features. Other things to consider include keypad and touchpad technology, integrated lighting and more.

The best way to choose the right opener for your home and your budget is to work with a professional company that knows what’s available and is able to separate the hype from the genuine benefits. As the Pacific Northwest’s leading garage door experts, TF Draper is that partner.

An Authorized LiftMaster® DealerLiftMaster Garage Door Opener

We’re proud to sell the complete lineup of LiftMaster® residential garage door openers for clients in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA and beyond. We are one of the company’s authorized dealers in our region, and we carry the full line of openers in their Elite, Premium and Contractor series, as well as a number of commercial grade products.

LiftMaster® is widely recognized as one of the premier garage door opener manufacturers. The company offers products for every budget, from affordable units built for long-term use, to highly sophisticated models boasting smartphone connectivity and other advanced features.

Installation and Service From Portland’s Residential Garage Door Experts

Helping you select the best opener for your needs is a key priority at TF Draper. Ultimately, if your garage door is working safely and reliably, that increases your overall satisfaction with our product. We can match you with the right opener for your budget as well as ensure it stays working its best for years to come.

We can set up and install an opener as part of our garage door installation process. Our technicians will work quickly to get the job done with a minimal amount of disruption. We will also ensure you understand how to safely operate your purchase, and how to keep it properly maintained at all times.

Most LiftMaster® openers come with a standard warranty of one year or more, which we are fully qualified to service as necessary. Openers generally require little ongoing maintenance other than periodic inspections and lubrication. Should a problem arise at any time, however, we can quickly respond, often with same-day service.

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