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When you're searching for a Northwest garage door dealer, look no further than TF Draper. We offer residential garage doors to Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas in the Northwest. Improve your home's curb appeal or replace your old garage door with one of our high-quality options. Read on to learn more about how we service the Northwest with quality garage doors. From modern designs to classic styles, TF Draper is your garage door dealer for the Portland area.

Garage Door Brands We Offer

At TF Draper, we offer high-quality residential garage doors. We provide trusted garage door brands to our customers in the Northwest. Be confident in your choice of residential garage door from us when you choose from one of these brands we carry:


At TF Draper, we're proud to be a Clopay® garage door dealer for the Portland area. Clopay® residential garage doors are trusted in the industry and by homeowners alike. Clopay® is one of the largest garage door manufacturers in North America, so it's easy to see what makes them a trusted brand. We are a Clopay®-certified garage door dealer, meaning we know the company's products better than other garage door dealers in Portland and the rest of the Northwest. We provide Clopay® garage doors in a range of contemporary and traditional styles, so you're sure to find an option that fits your home's design.

Northwest Door®

As a Northwest Door® garage door dealer, we provide a range of NWD® styles from modern to classic. Northwest Door® is a family-owned manufacturer located in the Northwest, meaning they know what residents in Portland and surrounding areas need from their garage doors. Check out the NWD® doors we offer at TF Draper for a trusted local option.

Common Styles of Garage Doors in Portland We Offer

You have a unique style, and your home is no different. You don't want just any style of door for your garage, especially when it makes up such a significant part of your facade. At TF Draper, we provide an array of designs. Below are some common varieties that will work for any home in Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas.


Sleek lines and unique features characterize contemporary residential garage doors. The varieties below come in steel or aluminum construction and feature windows to let in natural light and enhance the modern style. If traditional garage doors don't fit the aesthetic of your home, consider contemporary designs with:


A traditional garage door features the classic facade you may think of when you picture a garage door. These doors often have a wood grain and defined panels, which may come in short or long varieties based on the style you choose. Older and newer homes alike suit a traditional style garage door, but it all depends on the style of your home. Some of our traditional options include steel options with the: Traditional residential garage doors also come in different materials to suit various preferences. Check out the wood, wood-look and carriage house styles we list below for more traditional style options.


Traditional styles in traditional materials make for stylish residential garage doors. Along with the Clopay® Classic™ Wood Collection, we also offer wood garage doors in carriage house styles, which you'll find listed below. A natural wood garage door provides a handcrafted look to your garage. The Classic™ Wood Collection comes in hemlock, cedar and redwood options, any of which would enhance your home's curb appeal.


If you like the classic look of wood but don't prefer it as a building material, you have other options. Get the strength of steel with a classic wood-look from these residential garage doors: While these doors come with factory finish paint color options, consider the wood-grain texture options for a wood-look. You can also get the wood-look in some of the carriage house style garage doors we offer.

Carriage House Style

Our carriage house style residential garage doors are among the most popular choice for Portland homeowners, and we have plenty of options. A carriage house style has the appearance of a classic, swing-out garage door with the convenience of an overhead opener design. Give your garage a vintage feel with the carriage house style without compromising on function. At TF Draper, we offer Clopay® garage doors and the Northwest Door® brand in various carriage house styles:

Custom Products

Many of the styles above come with customizable details. You may be able to choose the panel amount or style, whether or not you have windows, the finish color, the style of hardware and more, but for a truly custom garage door, consider the Reserve® Wood Collection Custom Series by Clopay®. A custom garage door gives your home a unique and personal touch. We got our start by creating custom garage doors for homeowners in the Northwest, and we continue to make customers happy with specially-designed garage doors today.

Features of Our Residential Garage Doors to Consider

When you get a new residential garage door, you want it to fit seamlessly with your garage and home. At TF Draper, we offer an array of options so you can get exactly the look you desire. You have plenty of options to consider when choosing the perfect garage door for your home's style, so be sure to think about:
  1. Materials: Choose from wood, steel or aluminum and glass options from us at TF Draper. Whether you want the durability of steel, the classic look of wood or the modern touch of aluminum and glass, you'll find it with our residential garage doors. You may also have a choice of hardware designs, hinges and plates depending on the variety of garage door you select.
  2. Finishes: Match your new Northwest Door® or Clopay® garage doors to your home's aesthetic. Many residential garage door options we offer are customizable with select shades, stains or finishes. Certain varieties come in a primed finish, meaning you can paint or stain the door in any color you choose.
  3. Insulation: Keep your valuables safe from extreme weather with an insulated garage door. Many of the Clopay® residential garage doors we offer to Portland and other Northwest customers are insulated. This energy-efficient feature helps keep extreme temperatures outside of your garage, which is essential if you're storing valuables there. Northwest and Portland residents also enjoy how insulated garage doors help make their garage a comfortable temperature at any time of year, perfect for heading out to your garage on cold mornings or coming back on a hot evening.
  4. Windows: Let in the light with a garage door that features windows. When you want a bit of privacy, you can select from an array of frosted glass options, or if you'd like an insulated garage door, you can choose insulated windows for more weather protection. Many styles we offer come with optional windows, meaning you can create a garage door that suits your needs.
At TF Draper, we are proud to be your Northwest garage door dealer, and we want you to get the perfect door for your home. Think about the features above when it's time to get a new residential garage door, and we'll help you find the right door for your needs. From style to function, residential garage doors from us at TF Draper provide everything you want for your garage.

Get a New Residential Garage Door With TF Draper

We are proud to offer a complete one-stop service for residents in the Northwest, including Portland, looking for a garage door dealer. For nearly 40 years, TF Draper has been selling, installing, repairing, designing and building garage doors. Whether you're looking for new residential garage doors or you need service, repairs or maintenance, TF Draper is here for you. Explore our collection today and contact us to request an estimate. We'll help you find the right garage door for your home, giving your garage style, function and a refreshed facade.

Updated April 3rd, 2020