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Does My Garage Door Need Maintenance? Common Signs of Issues

You rely on your garage door to provide security to your home, as well as insulation and convenient access for your vehicles.

The door will likely cycle thousands of times in its lifespan, and it will rely on a series of moving parts to do so. Without frequent or appropriate maintenance, you’ll notice that many of those components can succumb to disrepair. Sudden breaks can happen, as well, and you’ll need to be prepared to identify any problems that arise and conduct some garage door troubleshooting, or else you’ll risk further damage and possibly accidents.

In general, there are two types of problems you should always be on the lookout for.

  1. Problems With the Door Itself

Depending on the material that forms your door, you’ll need to look out for specific symptoms. Wooden doors, while full of character, struggle with long-term exposure to the elements. Scrutinize it for major chips, warping, cracks and rotting, as those issues will compromise your door’s insulation and overall stability. Repeated cycles will wear on the door’s edges, too.

If your door consists of some metal, like aluminum or steel, you’ll need to look for dents now and then. Major dents, which might facilitate a panel replacement, can affect opening and negatively impact your curb appeal, so it’s best to handle that quickly. Minor dents don’t look great, but you can fix them most of smaller one using a variety of different DIY techniques.

You’ll also want to check the bottom liner of all your doors, an easy fix which helps with insulation and deters water from entering the space. When you’re finished looking over the liner, move your eyes up toward the window panes if your door has any.

Cracked or broken panels look ugly and might embolden home invaders who think they’ll have an easier route into your home. Generally, you’ll need a repair service to handle these kinds of replacements.

  1. Problems With the Opening System

Once you finish with the door, move inside and examine the opening system, which usually experiences the most issues. You’ll want to begin by simply opening and closing the door once or twice.

Pay close attention to anything that might seem out of the ordinary, mainly focusing on noises and delays. If you notice your door drops quickly, you’ll want to immediately look upward toward the cables and tension springs, which might be loose or broken.

This development is a significant issue that can pose risks to your family and property, and you should not attempt to correct it yourself unless you have extensive experience. These springs and cables hold a tremendous amount of tension, and mishandling them can land you in the hospital.

Conversely, doors that open slowly should also warrant your attention. A misaligned track might be the cause, which is when the door’s rollers do not align properly with it. If your track is misaligned, a close look will likely unveil that there are gaps present between the rail and rollers. The rails might also be bent. These types of problems will likely require professional help.

Another potential problem might sit within the door opener, which could have a dying motor or compromised belt/chain system.

With loud noises, the most frequent cause is dirt and debris that has accumulated in the tracks. You can clean them out and apply a lubricant to get rid of screeching and other noises.

Contact TF Draper for Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

If you’d like a professional assessment of your garage door’s condition, TF Draper offers the most comprehensive garage door maintenance in the Greater Portland area.

Our technicians will go through a detailed inspection and provide an honest diagnosis of your problems. Once you decide the course of action, we’ll schedule a convenient time for you that addresses the issues and tests functionality to ensure the repairs are successful. We also sell a variety of parts if you want to go with a DIY approach.

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