Garage Door Services in Portland, Oregon

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The garage door is one of the most important parts of any home. Not only does it make up a huge part of your home’s exterior appearance, but you also use it any time you need to leave or come back. Most people open and close their door several times a day. You need to be able to choose the right system for you and your home, but it doesn’t stop at installation. You’ll need regular aftercare as well.

At TF Draper, we make sure you get the exceptional service and quality you need to keep your garage door up and running all year long. If you are in need of garage door services in the Portland, Oregon area, TF Draper is here to help. We’re a family-owned and operated business about 25 miles west of Portland, Oregon. We have acted as a convenient one-stop garage door service for commercial and residential needs throughout the Greater Portland area and the entire Pacific Northwest for almost 40 years.

We affordably install garage doors and openers in Portland, Oregon from several leading brands and provide necessary maintenance and repairs to make your life easier.

Garage Door Repair in Portland, Oregon

We make sure every product we sell is top-of-the-line, meaning it will require few repairs in your time with it. However, any garage door needs occasional work over the years.

If you’ve lived in the Portland Area long enough, you know to expect intense weather conditions that can cause wear and tear. If your door is closing faster than usual, failing to close the whole way, hesitating to operate or making clanking or scraping noises it didn’t make before, you probably need a repair. TF Draper offers expert garage door Repair Services in Portland. Call on us for:

  • Equipment failure diagnoses and repairs: If you notice any issues and think your door might have a faulty part, give us a call. It’s not worth waiting — a broken garage door can be hazardous to you, your family, neighbors, pets and the rest of your home. We’ll send a specialist to diagnose the problem and, when necessary, perform a repair.
  • Emergency repairs: A broken garage door can compromise your security, which is an unacceptable situation. An unexpected fault in the door or opener could also mean you can’t go anywhere because your vehicle is stuck inside. For these situations and many more, we offer 24-hour repairs. We’ll show up within one day to fix the issue whenever possible. We always try to offer temporary fixes for any repairs that can’t happen the same day.

Portland, Oregon Garage Door Installation

When it comes to garage door installation, you want a company you can trust with the expertise to work with leading brands. We sell from several manufacturers, just a few of which include Clopay®, LiftMaster®, Amarr, Wayne-Dalton, Jeld-Wen and Northwest Door. We’re known for our custom wood garage doors that add the perfect touch to any home, but we also provide a full line of other doors and accessories for residential installations. Our wide range of rolling steel overhead doors is perfect for any commercial business in need.

At TF Draper, we stand behind the products we sell with an exclusive warranty for almost everything. Our business is also local, which means the people we service are our neighbors and friends. We always provide estimates as accurate and reasonable as possible, complete installations on time and leave your home or business just as it was when we showed up — plus a new door!

Garage Door Maintenance in Portland, OR

Our technicians do not enter the field without receiving extensive and ongoing training to make sure they know how to inspect and service every type of door and opener — including the latest technology in the industry. They can perform garage door maintenance quickly and correctly the first time so issues don’t crop up often.

An investment in maintenance from the right partners can save you time, money and stress down the line by keeping your garage door at its best performance levels for years to come. We complete maintenance on every component, including:

  • Springs: No spring can last forever. They typically last for about 10,000 cycles and over time they can rust, wear out or eventually snap. The spring is essential for keeping your garage door functional and safe. Our trained professionals will lubricate this component, make adjustments and inform you when you need a replacement.
  • Cables: We check the cables for physical damage and make sure they have the right tension settings.
  • Rollers: Properly lubricated rollers that have not worn out keep the garage door opening and closing smoothly, so we check for damage and maintain the rollers.
  • Overall alignment: The balance of your door is more important than many know. Poor alignment can jam or damage the door, which is why we check its balance, discover the issue and realign the door by whatever means necessary.
  • Door sections: We can repair or replace individual panels or door sections due to rust and dents to save you time and money.

To make sure your door is functioning properly throughout the year, we offer routine inspections. An expert will come to your home or business and check every part of the door. If any part needs a repair, we take care of it quickly so it doesn’t harm the rest of your structure.

When you opt for annual tune-ups, we also clear and clean the tracks, replace weather-stripping that has aged too much, test the door’s safety features and tighten bolts, screws and hinges. This is what garage door peace-of-mind looks like.

Garage Door Replacement Portland, OR

As garage door maintenance can help prevent you from needing more extensive repairs, the time will eventually come where you’ll want to consider a full door replacement for your Portland garage. Whether you’re looking to increase your overall home value and curb appeal or to get up to date with current garage door opener technology features, the experts at TF Draper will be happy to replace your door. 

T.F. Draper’s Garage Door Service Reviews in Portland, OR

T.F. Draper has been providing quality garage door installation and repair in Portland for nearly 40 years. Furthermore, take a look at what one of our customers had to say about our superior service

“Tom at Draper garage doors is very good at getting the job done with great customer service.  Tom’s bid was very competitive against the competition and the most local door lift company to my home.  I was very impressed with the install in every way.  If you’re in the market for lift doors, do not sign anything until you get a bid from Tom at Draper doors.”

Garage Door Openers Installed in Portland, OR

Selecting the right garage door opener is just as important as choosing the door you want. We offer a wide variety so you get the package you need and we perform maintenance and repairs on openers with just as much care as we put into the doors themselves. If we can’t come to your location for garage door services for any reason, we will help to set you up with another trusted company.

You should pay attention to common warning signs that your garage door might need maintenance or repair, but in-depth work should be left to the experts. Springs pack a lot of tension and can harm people or property if they snap, and the garage door itself is heavy enough to hurt anyone nearby if it slams closed. We want you to stay safe. Contact our office right away for your Portland garage door service needs.