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Garage Doors near West Linn, OR

Whether you run a business and your building has garage doors or you need services for one of the most important points of entry on your home, you can rely on TF Draper to complete quality installations, maintenance and repairs quickly, on schedule and within your budget.

We’ve been serving West Linn, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for almost 40 years, which means we consider our commercial and residential customers neighbors and friends. When you partner with us, you can expect accurate estimates and exclusive warranties for products and services.

Garage Door Repair near West Linn, OR

Because we sell garage doors and openers from leading brands like Amarr, Wayne-Dalton, Northwest Door, Jeld-Wen, Clopay®, LiftMaster® and more, you can expect high quality and a long functional life with few repairs over the years. However, every door undergoes natural wear as the years pass.

If you notice faster-than-usual closing, failure to close, hesitation in responding, slower-than-usual operation or persistent noises that didn’t exist before, call our office. We can diagnose and repair any garage door malfunction before it becomes a bigger problem.

We know that certain urgent situations arise when you can’t afford to have a broken garage door. You might need to get somewhere during the day but your vehicle is stuck inside behind a door that won’t function, or your business has a big day coming up and one of the doors won’t budge, causing a security issue.

For situations like these, we offer 24-hour emergency repairs to make sure you stay safe. Someone will check it out and correct the problem that same day in most cases, completing a temporary fix when full work can’t be done right away.

Garage Door Installation near West Linn, OR

For local residential garage door installations that you can trust, look no further. We offer custom wood doors with styles and designs that add a luxurious touch to any home. If that doesn’t work for you, our full range of conventional doors, openers and hardware help us complete an installation geared perfectly toward your preferences and available funds. Our quality is backed by an appearance on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and the fact that we have been featured in several design magazines.

For many years, leading commercial companies throughout the region have trusted TF Draper. We have successfully installed a variety of industrial overhead doors like rolling steel doors and sectionals for auto garages, retail storefronts, shipping centers, restaurants and other commercial facilities. It is not uncommon for the productivity and profitability of a commercial company to rely on a functional garage door.

Our expert installers make sure large jobs are finished quickly without flaw so you are back up and running with minimal loss.

Garage Door Maintenance near West Linn, OR

Garage door systems all contain several moving parts, and that means even the highest-quality doors need regular inspections and maintenance to keep the system running smoothly. As a homeowner or property manager, you can benefit tremendously from annual tune-ups by experienced professionals. You can trust TF Draper to get the job done within your budget and timeline.

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide individual services or an annual service that includes each of the following:

  • Spring maintenance: The springs on your garage door are one of the most important parts for the door’s functionality. TF Draper will check for rust and other wear and tear that would determine that the springs need repair or replacement.
  • Roller maintenance: The rollers on your door keep it moving smoothly in both directions, so maintenance is crucial. Our technicians check for rust and other potential signs of damage, replacing the rollers only when necessary.
  • Alignment and realignment: If your garage door is not well-balanced, it can cause damage to the entire system. Poor alignment is a simple issue to fix with a minor adjustment in many instances, but it can also indicate a more serious problem that experts can identify.
  • Section repair or replacement: Sectional garage doors can save money through the fact that accidents and damage can be localized to one specific section or panel. We can repair each one individually to correct dents, rust or other damages that can compromise safety and functionality.
  • Cables inspection: Garage door cables need the proper tension, and a regular inspection to check for signs of physical damage can keep bigger problems from arising in the future.
  • Safety feature testing: Your opener should have auto-reverse and other safety features. We test them and quickly repair damages to make sure your door stays safe.
  • Cleaning: Tracks and rails need to be cleared and cleaned of any buildup so they don’t block the door’s movement.
  • Tightening: Screws, bolts and hinges can all use tightening from time to time to keep everything in the system together and moving quickly and smoothly.
  • Lubrication: Even with wood garage doors, several components are made of metal. Moving parts need lubrication so they don’t rub and grind or obstruct movement. We apply the right kind of lubrication and the right quantity to take care of these issues.
  • Replacements: The weather-stripping at the bottom of your garage door can get damaged in the winter if it gets trapped under ice. It also cracks and becomes brittle as time passes, so we replace this part at your request and during annual tune-ups.

Call Us for Garage Door Openers and Service in West Linn, OR

You need to have the right garage door opener just as much as you have to choose the right door. We offer a variety of openers from leading brands so we can put together a package that contains exactly what you need.

Leaving repairs and maintenance for a later date can lead to bigger, worse damages than originally existed. Staying proactive is the key to reducing garage door costs and maintaining a functioning system. If you own your home or business and want to try some maintenance on your own, you can complete visual inspection and listen for malfunctioning.

However, trying to work on your door without the expertise can be dangerous to you, family, neighbors, pets and the rest of your property. Contact TF Draper today for garage door or opener assistance.