Garage Door Alignment Service

Adjusting the alignment of your garage door is one of the most important parts of regular service and maintenance. When a door is out of alignment, it will be unable to open or close properly, and it can contribute to premature wear on your opener and other components. Alignment issues often begin subtly and may be hard to notice at first. However, if left unattended, these issues will progress to the point where they compromise the overall performance and safety of your garage door.

TF Draper can perform garage door alignments as part of routine preventative maintenance or, in extreme cases, emergency service. Contact us at the first sign of a problem to have an experienced technician dispatched to your home or business.

Garage Door Alignment Warning Signs

Any of the following issues could indicate poor garage door alignment:

  • Uneven movement: A garage door should open and close in a smooth, controlled manner. Uneven, loose or lopsided operation can be the result of poor alignment.
  • Noisy opening or closing: Screeching and clanging noises are another sign of a garage door balance or alignment issue. The sound may be continuous or may occur at one point during operation — either way, the issue is serious and should be looked at by a professional.
  • Unpredictable movements: Does your garage door slow down at a certain spot during opening or closing? Do you notice obvious gaps between its rails and rollers? Does it lift or fall too quickly, or appear unstable when raised? If something seems off with your garage door, there’s a good chance poor alignment is the cause.

Continued operation of a misaligned door can lead to internal damage that puts anyone nearby at risk. Because of the danger posed by a malfunctioning garage door, it’s always best to get these issues looked at sooner rather than later.

Trust the Professionals at TF Draper

A garage door alignment is never something you should attempt to perform on your own. As with a lot of garage door service work, there is a risk of injury — or worse — if the repair is not performed correctly. Special safety equipment, as well as a full understanding of the potential hazards, is required.

TF Draper is available to perform garage door alignments and service for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our technicians are fully qualified to diagnose and correct alignment issues with garage doors by all major manufacturers. We are a Clopay® dealer as well as an authorized representative of several other companies. We offer detailed, accurate estimates, prompt service and a commitment to doing things right the first time. Call or email to book an appointment today.

Prevent Alignment Issues With Regular Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid the need for an emergency off track garage door repair. Even something as simple as an annual tune-up gives our technicians a chance to make adjustments that will prevent an issue down the line. It’s also an opportunity to confirm that your springs, rollers and other components are in good working condition.

Most home garage doors need preventative maintenance once a year. Heavy-duty commercial garage doors in high-traffic facilities may require more frequent inspections. Let a TF Draper representative assess your needs and put together a maintenance schedule that works for you.

Contact TF Draper for Assistance

Whether you’re concerned about the performance of your garage door, or want to take steps today to prevent a problem in the future, we can help. TF Draper is based in Forest Grove, OR and offers on-site service for homes and businesses in Portland, Lake Oswego, Vancouver, West Linn and beyond. Call or email our office to request an appointment at your convenience.