Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Garage door springs periodically require replacement to ensure reliable operation and avoid unsafe situations. A typical spring can last anywhere between seven and 20 years depending on the model. Annual checkups and lubrication are a part of preventative maintenance. Garage doors that see heavy use or operate in extreme temperatures, are at greater risk of failure and should be inspected more regularly.

TF Draper provides garage door spring repair and replacement for properties in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest. We serve both residential and commercial clients, including high-traffic industrial facilities where specialized expertise is required. If you’re concerned about the condition of your springs, contact our Forest Grove, OR office to request an inspection at your convenience.

Seven Signs Your Garage Door Springs Require Replacement

Garage door spring problems may be subtle at first, but they can quickly evolve into a serious issue that will put people at risk. Here are seven warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  1. You notice obvious physical damage to your garage door’s springs, such as extensive rust, gaps or disconnected cables. Use your judgment and exercise caution if you suspect something is wrong.
  2. Your garage door won’t open more than 6”. This is an automatic safety feature present on all openers that can be triggered by broken springs.
  3. You hear a loud bang coming from the inside of your garage with no other apparent cause. Springs are highly tensioned and will make a dramatic sound when they snap.
  4. Your garage door is crooked or uneven when opening and closing. There are many reasons why a garage door will experience erratic movements, though a single worn out spring is a common cause.
  5. Your garage door creaks or moans as it opens or closes. Squealing and grinding sounds are common as springs lose elasticity over time.
  6. Your garage door falls closed. The point of a spring is to lower your heavy garage door gently to the ground. When it fails to do so, it creates an unsafe situation that needs to be addressed immediately.
  7. The door is shut and impossible to lift manually. Garage doors include a counterbalance spring that makes them easy to raise without an opener. When this part wears out, your door will be much more difficult to lift.

Any of the above issues warrant immediate attention from a garage door spring repair specialist. In most cases, the best option is to replace the spring entirely, though sometimes a repair or adjustment can correct the problem without jeopardizing your safety. If this is the case, a TF Draper representative will advise you on your options and help you make an informed choice.

Extend the Life of Your Springs With Preventative Maintenance

The best way to avoid a problem and get the most use out of your springs is by investing in preventative maintenance. Annual or semi-annual inspections give our technicians the chance to confirm the condition of your springs, lubricate them and make adjustments as necessary.

When proactive replacement is required, we can recommend the right product for your garage door and install it to the manufacturer’s specifications. We are an authorized dealer of Clopay®, Northwest Door, Wayne-Dalton and other well-respected companies. We have an extensive inventory of standard and high-cycle springs on hand and ready to install on your property.

Contact Us for Emergency Service

When it’s time to replace your garage door springs, trust the experts at TF Draper. Call or email our office for emergency service or to arrange an annual tune-up or spring inspection in Portland, Vancouver, West Linn or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest.