Stamped vs. Overlay Garage Doors

Whether you are building a new house, renovating a fixer-upper or upgrading your outdated garage doors, you can choose from several door styles. Among the most popular options include stamped and overlay garage doors.

What Is a Stamped Garage Door?

A stamped garage door is created from steel and has a design detailed into the face of the door — which essentially makes it look “stamped.” This style is usually embossed with a wood grain finish to mimic the look of real wood products. While design options are limited, they lend simple sophistication to your home.

What Is an Overlay Garage Door?

An overlay garage door is the opposite of a stamped door, adding materials onto a traditional door to create depth. Typical additions include steel or wood panels laid out in virtually endless designs. Choose from several panel styles, trim accents, paint colors and more.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

With the many options that stamped and overlay garage doors offer, it can be challenging to decide which is better for your home. Both options are customizable and provide a beautiful addition to any house.

Design Options

If design variety is your top priority, you may rather have an overlay garage door. Overlay options are vast, with various colors, materials, trims, accessories and panel styles to match your home. Alternatively, stamped garage doors offer a smaller selection, with one or two stamp designs and limited construction materials.


Because of the intricate details of overlay doors, they often require more maintenance than stamped doors. They are also much heavier and can be harder to maintain.

Stamped doors are a lighter and sturdier option because the design is printed into the door itself. They require less maintenance, as their steel structure makes them naturally moisture- and rust-resistant.


Due to their many design options, overlay doors can be more expensive, depending on what materials you use. However, if you have a garage door facing the street, overlay may be worth the investment. Stamped garage doors are much simpler and more budget-friendly in comparison.

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